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Opened By: Andrew Kester
Assigned To: Andrew Kester
Status: Closed Severity: Feature Request

Hg Log Does Not Respect Commit.

Andrew Kester created Aug 4, 2017 14:47

When running hg log, the command does not respect a "max" commit. This will cause issues when attempting to get the history of a file at a commit, since the history should reflect changes made to that file until the "max" commit.

Andrew Kester on Aug 4, 2017 14:49

Changed asignee to Andrew Kester (akester).

Andrew Kester on Apr 14, 2018 21:33

Changed Severity to Feature Request.

Andrew Kester commented Jun 15, 2018 14:05

This will be fixed by a design change, so this issue isn't really needed.

Andrew Kester on Jun 15, 2018 14:05

Changed Status to Closed.

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