With all of our storage services, you only pay for what you use. There are no hidden fees: the items listed below will be the only items that appear on your bill.

Having a Storehouse account is free for everybody! We'll only start to charge your account once you create a project.

40 ¢ Per Project (1 Git, SVN, or HG Project) per Month
10 ¢ Per GB of Storage Used per Month
(1 GB minimum per project)

Optional Modules

In addition to storing your projects' files, you can use some extra tools to collaborate on files, build your project, and automate your workflow. The cost for each module is listed below.

Module Cost
Discussions Issues, Merge Requests, Tasks, Mailing Lists Always Free
Git-LFS Improved large file support for Git Free to Enable
10 ¢ per GB of storage
Static File Hosting Host files from your project at a never changing URL 5 ¢ per GB of Bandwidth
Static Website Hosting Host static web pages and assets stored in your project 5 ¢ per GB of Bandwidth
Code Deployment* Publish your code automatically using rules you define Always Free
Workflows* Code Review, Notifications, Manual Acceptance Testing Always Free
Send Files* Send files of any size to anyone via email 5 ¢ per GB of Bandwidth
Automated Testing* Run custom automated testing suites with each commit 1 ¢ for 10 runs
Builds* Package your project automatically using rules you control 1 ¢ for 10 builds
Task Runner* Run tasks on your files automatically using Gulp, Grunt, or Robo 1 ¢ for 10 runs
Extra Backups* Backup your code using rules you control 10 ¢ per GB of Storage
Free to Restore

* Upcoming feature, pricing is tentative.

Volume Pricing

We automatically apply discounts to your bill once you exceed certain monthly spending thresholds. Couple this with our powerful Sub Accounts to get huge savings across your entire organization!

Monthly Spending Discount
$50 - $149.99 2% off all services.
$150 - $499.99 5% off all services.
$500 - $999.99 7% off all services.
$1000 and up 10% off all services.

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