Privacy Policy

We value your privacy and always work to protect your private information at all times. We want to be transparent, and communicate all the information we collect and how it is collected and used. By using The Storehouse, you agree to this Privacy Policy.

Private Information

We define private information as any information you have submitted to The Storehouse. This includes your name, email address, approximate location (via your IP address), and any project data. We will only disclose your information in the ways described in this document.

How Data is Collected

We use a number of methods to collect your information. These include forms that submit data to The Storehouse, data automatically sent by your web browser when you request a page, and data collected by our servers such as your IP address.

For some billing data such as your billing address, we automatically collect data from the PayPal account used to purchase credits or the account authorized for automatic billing.

We rely on some third parties to track and analyze site usage. These services may use cookies or other methods to collect data related to how you use The Storehouse.

How This Data is Used

We utilize the data internally to learn how users utilize The Storehouse and to improve our platform and to provide The Storehouse. We may disclose some information in the form of aggregated statistics, but these disclosures will never contain information that could identify a specific account.

We may team with third parties to store or analyze your personal information. In these cases, we will ensure that the third party will not disclose your information or utilize it for any other reason.


We utilize tracking provided by third-party advertisers to track the effectiveness of our advertising and to deliver targeted advertising. These services will collect data regarding your visits to The Storehouse and may track you on sites other than The Storehouse using cookies or other methods.

The data collected will never include your personal information or project data. You can opt out of these features at any time by visiting


We use emails as the primary communication method between The Storehouse and our users. We will always send emails related to important account events, such as billing or security updates. Users can opt out of all other mail on the account settings page.

Users can also opt in for promotional mail, and are not done so automatically. To opt out, you must do so with MailChimp, our promotional mail service. You can opt out using the link at the bottom of any promotional email.

Legal Disclosures

It is our policy to only disclose your private information when required to under US laws. If we are forced to disclose your private information and if not barred from doing so, we will notify the account holder as to what information was requested and the requesting agency.

Changes to This Policy

When we make changes to this policy, we’ll let all users know via email. When possible, we’ll provide a draft of the document for your review prior to enacting the new policy.