Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We want you to understand what information The Storehouse (“we”, “us”) collect, how we use that data, and when we disclose that data. This policy applies to the use of any services provided by us.

What Information is Collected

When using The Storehouse, we collect information regarding your usage of the site, such as which pages you view and how long you spend on each page. We also will collect information such as your IP address, your browser and operating system, as well as your approximate geographical location.

We also collect and store information related to your account, such as your email address, PayPal information, site preferences, as well as any information submitted in a form to The Storehouse. While logged in, we will also use cookies to track your session and ensure you remain logged in.

We also will collect and store data regarding your projects to provide features such as searching, notifications, and code review. This information is only used internally and is never distributed to third parties. This data is collected on every project, both public and private projects.

How This Information is Collected

We use third party services such as Google Analytics to automatically track usage and session information. These services use cookies as well as data provided by your web browser to collect information.

We also automatically collect data with our servers, such as times pages are loaded, the IP address of the user, and which page is loaded.

To collect private information, we primarily use forms that submit data to The Storehouse. Examples of these forms include creating an account, creating a project, and posting messages to discussions.

How This Information is Used

We collect and store all data to better provide The Storehouse and to make improvements to our products and services. We will never disclose your private information, such as your name and email address, to a third party, except in cases where we are required to by law.

We don't disclose your personal information such as your name, email address, or any project data to any third party. The only exception to this is Promotional Mail, which utilizes Mail Chimp. When you opt in to promotional mail, we will disclose your email address to them. This is only for promotional mail, and is completely optional.

Project data is only disclosed to users or locations that project admins specify. If you choose to make your project public, that is let anyone view it, we will also submit your project's location to search engines to make your project more visible.

E-Mail information

We use email as the primary communication method between The Storehouse and you the user. We will always send emails regarding account events such as billing and password changes. When you contribute to a discussion, we'll send you updates regarding the discussion. You can always remove yourself from any discussion or disable these email notifications outright.

Information Disclosure

It is our policy to only disclose your private data when required to by law. Examples of this data include your name, email address, IP address, and project files. If we are required to disclose information, we will notify you via email and let you know which information was disclosed and the agency that requested the information.

We do not, and will never, automatically disclose sensitive information to any government agency when not required to.

Changes to This Policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy as we see needed. When we update this document, we'll notify every user of the changes. We will try to provide a draft document for your review prior to any new policies to being enacted.