Static Website Hosting

August 11, 2017

Static Website Hosting lets you publish your project's files as a static website available at any domain name.  When using this feature, the root of your project acts like the root of a web server's directory: letting you reference any file in your project and create links between pages and assets.

This gives you the ability to create a website, complete with pages and assets, and keep things updated using Git, Subversion, or Mercurial.  There are many frameworks that give static sites powerful features and speed, such as blogging, API documentation, and many more.  Since we don't restrict the size of the files your hosting, you can also host large downloads such as installers or updates and still get the same great speed and service.

Limitations and Considerations

When static website hosting is enabled, all of the files stored in your project will be available to view download via the site.  If a person knows the URL of your site, and the name of a file in your project they would be able to download it.  We recommend setting up a dedicated project for your website and only keeping your website files in that project since things will be public.  This doesn't affect discussions or browsing past project data: you'll still need to give specific users access or make your project public to allow others to open discussions.

The files that are hosted are only hosted statically, meaning no server side execution (such as PHP scripts) will take place.  If you store a script in your static site, we'll only serve a plain text copy of the file and won't execute any code in it.

You can store and share any kind of file on your site, but most web browsers will only format HTML files in your project.  This means you can host other assets: such as JavaScript files, CSS, or images alongside your HTML pages.  We don't require sites to have any HTML either, so you can use your site to host assets for use on other websites.


Like all Storehouse services, you're only billed for what you actually are using.  Since the files are already stored in your project, you'll only be billed the normal disk usage space for storing site files.  When a user downloads a file from your site, we keep track of the bandwidth used (how large each file they're downloading is) and bill your account 5 cents for every 1GB of bandwidth used.  Our bandwidth calculations do account for partial content or interrupted downloads, so you won't be billed for content that wasn't really downloaded.