SSH Keys

May 16, 2017

SSH Keys are used to authenticate SSH clients, such as your version control program, and The Storehouse.  This mutual authentication ensures that your client is correctly authorized and that you're only sending project data to The Storehouse and not a malicious server.  Generating SSH keys is straightforward, but it will vary depending on the operating system your using and which SSH client or version control client you're using.

Generating SSH Keys

Generating keys varies by platform.  Select the guide below that matches your platform, or refer to your documentation if it's not listed.

Using SSH Keys

In order to make use of your new key, you'll have to copy the key to The Storehouse.  To manage your SSH keys, navigate to SSH Keys under the Account menu.  To add a new key, you'll have to supply what's called the public key.  The location of this key will vary based on your platform, so use the links above to get specific instructions.  Once copied, you'll be able to use SSH to connect to The Storehouse.

We currently only support authentication using SSH keys.  Using the same public key in multiple accounts is not supported.