Setting Up Static Website Hosting

August 11, 2017

Once you've enabled the static site module, you'll have to setup your domain's DNS records to point to The Storehouse in order for the site to work.

Module Setup

First, add the domain you'd like to host your site at to the Static Site Settings page.  You can select a branch to serve your files at, meaning you can different version of your site hosted from the same project. You can add as many domains as you would like and set branches for each one.  There is no charge for setting up domains, so you can add as many you need.

This enables you to have different versions of your site at different addresses, for example you could have a development site at a unique address for testing.

DNS Setup and Verification

You'll also have to update the domain name record you'd like to have hosted to be an A type record, with the address as or  This will direct web requests to our servers where we'll serve your site's files instead of The Storehouse.

Important: The Storehouse does not provide or register domain names or subdomains for your sites.  In order to use a domain for your site, you'll have to register and host your domain name with a third party provider.  Many domain registrars will host your domain for free if you register with them.  Adding a domain to the Static Site Settings page does not register or update records for your domain.

Before we'll host files at that domain, we require you to verify ownership of the domain.  This prevents someone from hosting your domain without your knowledge.  To verify ownership, you'll need to setup a verification record on your domain.  Create a new TXT record with the same name as the domain you added and with the content below, replacing the verification key with the key for your domain.

"_sthse-domain-verification=Your Verification Key"

If your domain already has a TXT record with the same name as the domain you added, simply add the content above to a new line at the end of the record.  If you need help setting up your domain, you can contact support or contact your domain registrar.

If your site isn't verified within 7 days after adding the domain, we'll remove the domain and you'll have to re-add it in order to host it.  We'll automatically check if your site is verified, and periodically check that it remains verified.  Your domain must have a verification record the entire time it is hosted by The Storehouse.