February 13, 2017

In order to better protect your account, we'll sometimes ask you to login again even though you're already logged in.  We do this to ensure that key account and project settings cannot be changed if your account is inadvertently left logged in on another computer.

What This Message Means

This message simply means that you've checked the "Keep Me Logged In" in the past, and you didn't have to enter your username or password to login this particular time.  When you access certain pages, such as changing account or project settings, we make sure you've entered your password recently.  This protects you against inadvertently leaving yourself logged in on another computer, and someone else taking control of your account from that computer.

This message does not mean that your account is in use elsewhere or that someone has compromised your account.  This check is performed whenever you access pages that adjust settings, and cannot be turned off or bypassed.

When you see this message, you simply need to login again.