Project Modules

July 1, 2017

The Storehouse lets you enable and disable project modules to customize our hosting to your exact needs.  Many of our modules give you customized settings too, letting you adjust things even more.

Enabling / Disabling Modules

To enable or disable a module, navigate to the Project Settings page of the project you'd like to edit.  You'll have to be a project administrator to access the settings page.  At the bottom of the page, you can enable or disable any extra modules.  Use the toggle next to each module to enable or disable the module.

Enabling modules is always free, but using some may incur an extra charge for additional storage space, bandwidth, or added services.  Complete pricing information for all of our modules is on our pricing page.

Important: Disabling modules will immediately remove any extra information stored by the module.  In some cases, disabling a module may remove files from your project or make them unaccessible.

Module Settings

Many modules have additional settings you can change to customize things even more.  Once a module is enabled, any additional settings can be accessed using the settings button to the right of the module.  Some modules may not have extra settings, and won't have a settings button.