Payment Options

April 10, 2017

We want to make billing and payments as simple and straightforward as possible for all of our users.  We offer multiple ways to pay your bill, so you can pick the method that best suits your exact needs.  Regardless of how you choose to pay, you'll only be billed for services you use and will be charged the same price.  We'll always let you know when we post a bill to your account and you can change payment methods at any time.

No matter how you pay, we never have access to or store your bank account or payment card information.

Automated Billing Agreements

The preferred way to pay is using an automated billing agreement you've setup via PayPal.  This allows us to bill your PayPal account automatically at the end of each month without you having to worry about credits or take any action.  Once the agreement is setup, you won't have to take any action when future bills are posted.  You can always cancel the billing agreement and choose to pay with credits at any time.


For users who aren't comfortable setting up an automated billing agreement, you can pre-pay for services by purchasing credits.  Once purchased, credits can be used to pay for any charges your account incurs.  We'll only deduct credits once a month when a bill is posted.

Credits aren't purchased automatically, so when your account runs low on credits you'll have to log in and purchase more.  We'll let you know once your credits start to get low.  If you elect to pay by credits, you'll have to maintain enough credits to cover your current charges at all times.  If you don't have enough credits, we may suspend your account or require you to purchase more credits before using some services.

Unused credits can be refunded at any time.