Open Source Hosting

April 2, 2017

At The Storehouse, we are committed to helping furthering Open Source principals however we can. As part of this commitment, we offer free and discounted Storehouse services to projects that elect to publish their content under an Open Source license. To qualify for these discounts, your project must meet the following requirements:

  • You must publish your code under an Open Source Initiative (OSI) approved license. A full list is available on the OSI Website. This file must exist at the topmost directory of your project, and can be named anything you would like.

  • You must allow public read access to your project files. This permission must be present at all times to qualify.

  • Your project must be in good standing with The Storehouse. A list of things that would cause you to lose the Open Source discounts are listed later in this document.

To qualify, your project only needs to meet the requirements above. We have no restrictions as to the project's content, so long as it complies with US laws. We do not require your project to be software source code either, meaning you can publish anything in the project, such as media and binary files, and still qualify for the discounts.

In order to receive these discounts, you will need to navigate to the project's settings and apply for Open Source status. When you apply, the open source discounts will apply immediately and we'll ensure your project contains an approved license.

If you're application is accepted, we'll let you know and check back from time to time to ensure your license still complies. If your application is rejected, we'll let you know via email and let you know the steps to correct it.

Open Source Pricing Tier

Each project will get the first $2.50 of Storehouse Services for free. Any other charges for the project will be discounted 25%.

Your project cannot accumulate credit for unused services, nor can these discounts be applied to a non-qualifying project.

Payment Information

When setting up your account, we will require you to keep a billing agreement on file with PayPal. Since there are no monthly fees for using The Storehouse, your account will not be billed for a qualifying project unless your project exceeds the resources that are provided for free. If your project stops qualifying, we'll warn you before we begin billing you for the project.

Losing Open Source Status

We reserve the right to revoke the Open Source status of projects that we feel are not in good standing with The Storehouse or its community. The items below are examples of things that would cause you to lose the Open Source status.

  • Distributing material that infringes any copyright. This includes copyrights placed by other Open Source projects.

  • Distributing software that is malicious or misleading in nature. We welcome software for security testing or other white-hat purposes, but the software must be clearly marked as to its potential risk to the average end user.

  • Your project must be in keeping with OSI's Open Source Definition.

In the end, the final decision regarding a project's Open Source status will be made by The Storehouse. We try to be as transparent as possible and will always listen to the project's owners if they feel they should qualify.

Closing Notes

Please keep in mind this is intended to enable the free sharing of projects and ideas. We've built this document to act as a guideline, both for ourselves and for project owners, to create a uniform and transparent platform. If you feel we need to revise this policy in any way to ensure we are furthering the goals of Open Source software, please contact us.