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No matter what you're working on, The Storehouse gives you powerful tools you can customize to meet your exact needs. We let you enable or disable features and let you customize every aspect of your project hosting.

The Storehouse gives you the most features in one place at the best cost in the industry. No matter what you need to store, we'll beat your current solution.

Powerful Discussions

Give your team a meeting place with customizable discussion tools such as issue tracking, tasks, and merge requests.

Build Your Project's Site

Give your project an online presence by hosting a basic website based on files tracked in your project.

Anchor Your Files

Make any file in your project accessible via a never-changing link. Perfect for checking for client updates.

Backups You Control

Coming Soon: Backup and restore your project at any time on terms you control.

Automatic Builds

Coming Soon: Build your project and check for errors automatically whenever you add or change files.

Automated Deployment

Coming Soon: Upload your project data to your servers or third party hosting automatically using rules you control.

Send Files Anywhere

Coming Soon: Send large files from your project to anyone. No software or setup required.

Automate Your Project

Coming Soon: Utilize Gulp, Grunt, or Robo to automatically document, optimize, and prepare files in your project.

Test Automatically

Coming Soon: Automatically run unit tests and static analysis on your project each time you make a commit.

Project Workflows

Coming Soon: Use Workflows to enable manual review and ensure quality commits before allowing them to be merged into your project.

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