Too Big for GitHub?

June 15, 2017

It almost sounds like an oxymoron: outgrowing the largest Git host in the world, but it is indeed possible and an issue that many projects face everyday. The root cause is simple to understand, however: GitHub limits what your project can do.

Limits on Disk Space

One issue that many projects may face is the limit placed on disk space. The Storehouse gives you unlimited space for your project, so no matter what you need to store you have the space you need. GitHub and other providers limit the disk space used by a project, meaning you can’t store all of your critical files in version control.

Once your project does outgrow other providers, a solution is not readily apparent.  Extensions like LFS give new projects the ability to work around this, but existing projects that are unable to migrate can't easily shrink their project down.  With unlimited disk space from The Storehouse, your project will never run out of space.

Limits on Performance

Another issue larger projects run into is serving their files. Since free services have the ability to call someone’s usage “too much,” they can rate limit high traffic projects and degrade your user’s experience. Most platforms don’t have a way to purchase additional capacity to offset the extra traffic either, meaning a project is stuck with slow performance.

The Storehouse gives all of our users the room and performance they need, since all of our services are pay as you go. This way, you can always grow as your needs and traffic grow. We’ll never say that you’re using “too much” of The Storehouse.

Why Settle?

Why would you settle and give your user’s poor performance or limit how much you can do with your project? The Storehouse is the only open source storage provider to give you the space and power you need where GitHub would leave you high and dry.

It’s no secret that GitHub is big, but it’s easy to outgrow. Ask any of the numerous projects that run out of resources on GitHub, and you’ll quickly see the advantage of our truly unlimited service.


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