Service Outages This Past Week

October 20, 2017

This week, we suffered a number of services outages.  Some of these outages lasted for a few minutes, others for several hours.  We work tirelessly to make sure The Storehouse is always online when you need it, but this week we came up short.

Update: We are confident we've found and resolved the root issue that caused these outages.  We experienced an issue related to a deprecated package that had been replaced in our server software.  This package prevented our servers from operating correctly, which caused numerous issues with all the servers on our network.  A more technical writeup will be published on Andrew's blog.

We do not believe that any malicious activity is responsible for the outages.  We make it a point to learn from events like these to prevent similar events in the future.  Rest assured, we'll take any corrective action that we can to prevent outages like these.

At the end of this month, we're introducing a new service level agreement.  Even though that doesn't take effect until the end of October, we will honor the terms of that agreement for this series of outages.  Use the promo code OTUNVH by November 30, 2017 to receive 25% off your next bill.

We want to offer our customers our must humble and heartfelt apologies for the inconveniences caused.  We know you trust us to keep your data safe, and that is a responsibility we take very seriously.  Thank you to all of our customers for their patience during these outages.