Is your storage open source?

September 22, 2017

Your project data is important.  You place an enormous amount of trust in your storage provider, even if you don't realize it.  In some cases, they can hold the only copy of a file in your project.  With so many storage providers, how can you be sure that your data is safe?

Lots of providers make a point of saying that their platform is secure and robust, but how can you be sure?  If the project is closed source, meaning that you can't see the source code of their service, you can only trust their word as to the security of their service.

The Storehouse is different, we release our source code to everyone.  Anyone can audit our software and see how we store our data to confirm for themselves that our service is secure.  Of all the storage partners out there, only a handful are open source.  It forces us to make our service better, since our work is put out for public review.

Open Source as a Philosophy

A lot of companies release their source code.  We take it one step further and commit ourselves to open source software.  We run all of our services using open source software such as Debian GNU/Linux, Ngninx, Apache, MariaDB, and more.  Our entire platform relies on transparent projects that commit themselves to the same open source ideas we do.

We also want to enable any open source project, so we offer our unlimited hosting free to any open source project that chooses The Storehouse.  We give every qualifying open source project $2.50 of services for free and discount any remaining services 25%.  Even if your project has thousands of users and needs a robust hosting platform, we're up for the challenge and will never cap or limit what you can use.


We give everyone their first month on the house, sign up now!  Have questions about our commitment to open source?  Contact us or check out our open source page.


Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash.