Is SourceForge Really Safe?

December 1, 2017

SourceForge is one of the oldest project hosting services on the Internet.  They have hosted many big projects and have an open source platform just like us, but they took a radically different approach in order to sustain their free hosting model: they use ads.

Ads are seemingly everywhere.  Many people run ad blocking software in their browser just to avoid the intrusive and sometimes downright annoying ads sites use.  Some sites shame users or will refuse to work if they think a users is blocking their ads.  It is, after all, how they get paid.

The SourceForge Installer

One of the most egregious and infuriating ways SourceForge chose to place ads was by bundling them into files users placed on SourceForge.  They called this the SourceForge Installer, and utilized it for years to distribute dishonest ads without the project owner's consent or even knowledge in some cases.

Many larger projects left the platform for this reason, including names such as GIMP, an open-source image editing program.  GIMP even went so far as to say in an official statement:

To us, this firmly places SourceForge among the dodgy crowd of download sites.
SourceForge are abusing the trust that we and our users had put into their service in the past.

Since a new company acquired SourceForge, they've stopped using these underhanded practices but the question remains, "Will they ever do something like this again?"

Space For Your Largest Files

One feature of SourceForge that made it popular was it's unlimited space.  Lots of projects create large files such as ISOs or installers that users need to download, and SourceForge didn't restrict the space used by any one project.

Other popular platforms for open source projects restrict how much space and bandwidth you're allowed to use, making it unsuitable for projects with large files.

The Storehouse lets projects keep their large files safe and let users download them without any restrictions.  We'll never restrict your project for being too big.

Free For Open Source Projects

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Photo by Lewis Ngugi on Unsplash