ICT Spring 2017 Game Jam

March 16, 2017

Who doesn't like playing games?  They're an awesome time waster and let artists and developers work hand in hand to create some truly amazing results.  Doing it all in a weekend may sound a bit ambitious, but that's exactly the goal of a Game Jam.  Participants show up Friday, are given a seemingly random topic, and are tasked with making the best game they can by Sunday.

Every year, and now even more often, teams of programmers, artists, and anyone else who wants to participate get together in Wichita and do just that.  This spring, The Storehouse was honored to be part of the inaugural Spring Game Jam: a second opportunity for participants to build awesome games in a weekend.  This spring, the theme was "sandwiches," which proved to yield some interesting results.  All the games were a blast to play and are available for your continued enjoyment here.

If you missed out on the event, don't fear!  There's another jam coming up this summer, and registration is open!  Register at ictgamjam.com or and follow them on twitter for the latest game jam updates.