Announcing: Static Website and File Hosting!

August 30, 2017

No matter what your project does, if it is destined for the outside world it needs a website.  Hosting a basic for your project has always been a headache: scattering your files across multiple platforms or having to live within the restrictions of other services is never a good answer.

We're proud to roll out static website and static file hosting, giving you the tools you need to give your project the perfect online home.

What You Can Host

Unlike other hosting providers that may limit how much space you can use or how much bandwidth you're allowed, The Storehouse hosts your site without any size or bandwidth limits.  This means you can host any kind of file, including large installers and assets, as well as the standard HTML, JS, and CSS files.

No matter how many users you expect your site to have, you'll have the bandwidth and speed to handle it.  We've designed our hosting service to get out of the way, and to quickly serve your files without delay.  This makes sure your users are always getting the files they need when they need them, even if your site has lots of traffic.

Static URLs, Dynamic Files

A common problem that developers run into is hosting a file at a URL that will never change.  It sounds like a simple problem, but what happens when the file moves?  The Storehouse solves this problem by letting you host files from your project at URLs that never change.  Even if you move or update the file, the URL remains the same.  This lets you put the URL in places that can't easily be updated, such as client applications, and always get the file you want.

Ready to give it a try?  Sign up and get your first month, including file and site hosting, for free.

Photo by on Unsplash