Announcing: Git LFS Support!

July 28, 2017

Today, we're proud to announce that projects can now take advantage of the Git Large File Storage (LFS) plugin!  This plugin allows git users to store large binary files efficiently while keeping their repository small and fast.  Like all other Storehouse services, you're only charged for resources you actually use.  With Git LFS, you'll only be charged for additional disk space your project uses and be able to store as much as you need without worry.

What is Git LFS?

Git LFS lets git users store certain types of files, such as large binary files, using a different scheme than the rest of the project.  This keeps the repository small and fast, but keeps your large files close by and integrates seamlessly with git itself.  This gives you the speed that you've come to expect with git, but lets you store your large project assets in your project without compromise.

Although Git LFS integrates seamlessly with git, users and hosting providers have to install a plugin to allow users to take advantage of the plugin.  The Storehouse joins many other hosting providers in providing first-class support for this popular plugin.

Why The Storehouse?

The Storehouse has always offered unlimited space for all our projects.  We're still the only hosting provider that gives you that flexibility and power.  Now, Git users can take advantage of this popular plugin and utilize our unlimited storage more efficiently for their project.

With our open source platform and no commitment pricing, we'll beat your current hosting provider.  Don't believe us?  Check out all our features.


Ready to get started?  Sign up for a free account or setup Git LFS on your current project.