An All New Storehouse

May 24, 2017

We're excited to begin rolling out an all new and updated Storehouse platform.  We've been working on this new platform for close to a year and designed it from the ground up to not only meet our current users' needs, but to allow for expansion and new features in the future.  Our new platform is faster, more secure, and looks better than ever.

With this new platform, we're introducing the following new features:

  • Pre-Payment: You now have the option of purchasing pre-paid credits for use on The Storehouse in place of an automated billing agreement.  This way, you can control exactly when your PayPal account is billed and keep close watch on your costs.
  • Customizable Discussions: You can now setup discussions to meet the specific needs of your project.  Setup custom fields to ensure data you need is always there and easy to find.
  • Improved Speed: Faster is always better.  We optimized every part of The Storehouse to make it lightning fast no matter what you need to do.
  • Improved Code Highlighting: We now recognize and highlight more text file types.

Why We're Excited

These changes may only appear to be surface deep, but really it's a complete rewrite of The Storehouse platform.  We did this to add new features even faster in the future and to make The Storehouse more modular.  We have some great ideas of upcoming features (check out our features page), and this update lets us spend more time developing those new features than maintaining custom code.

These updates took a year of diligent work to make sure every aspect of The Storehouse was written in the best way to make our platform even better than it was before.  A year is a long time in the computing world, but we wanted to take our time and make sure that every aspect was ready to roll when we launched the new version.

These updates are a huge investment in our customers and users, who have made the new platform possible.  We're thankful for their continued trust and are excited to begin this new chapter of Storehouse with them.

Important Changes With These Updates

We're taking this opportunity to update some aspects of the site.  Some of these changes may require action on your part.

Changes to Project URLs

With these changes, we're updating how projects are accessed in order to make things more streamlined.  For all projects cloned before May 17, 2017, you'll have to update your copy of the project to use the new URL.  Detailed instructions on how to accomplish this for Git, Subversion, and Mercurial are on our knowledge base.

Changes to Billing

With the new option to pre-pay, invoices may looks slightly different than they did before.  Before, invoices that were paid by credits may show a $0 total.  Now, invoices will always show a total and credits will be deducted like a normal automated payment.

We're also updating how project sizes are billed.  Before, projects were billed to the next whole gigabyte of disk usage.  Now, we'll bill the exact disk usage with a 1 GB minimum.  This won't increase your bill, but will reduce costs slightly for projects over 1GB.